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Omar awarded Lifetime Achievement Award from across The Pond!




Bluebird Reviews is a website out of the United Kingdom that reviews music from all genres.


BBR HONORS OMAR DYKES “Our website has decided to award with the 2021 special Career Award, one of the giants of Texas Blues and Blues/Rock of the last half a century. A true living legend, an institution for American Music and one of the most influential and prominent American artists, the one and only Omar Kent Dykes. Many congratulations to Mr. Dykes for the Award and, most importantly, for being an outstanding torchbearer to the tradition and development of American Blues and Blues/Rock in the last 50-plus years.”


We so appreciate that BBR has been a huge supporter of Omar over these many years, and we are humbly grateful for your award proclamation. Below are reviews and interviews with Omar that Bluebird Reviews have published:


The Omar Dykes Interview – The Return of the Wolf
Interview by Giovanni Pilato

Omar and The Howlers – Essential Collection
Review by Bluebird  

Omar and The Howlers – The Kitchen Sink
Review by Giovanni Pilato

Bluebird Reviews
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New Book by Omar and Issa Dykes

Coming Fall 2021


A Collection of Recorded Songs

Big Leg Beat 1980 to Muddy Springs Road 1994

Complete song lyrics with note of inspiration about each song by Omar



An interesting discovery about Omar's hometown of McComb, Mississippi. Historic Summit Street,avenue of business and entertainment, has been traveled by many famous blues players from the area and beyond. The Marker commemorating Summit Street's place in Mississippi Blues History includes the name Omar Dykes.

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"A career in the music business can be impossible and rewarding. Read this entertaining account of the hilarious life and times of the poor and almost famous bluesman, Omar Dykes. The zany shenanigans of the iconic frontman of Omar and the Howlers will knock your socks off!"

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Bruce Jones • Barry Bihm • Ronnie James • Paul Junior • Jason Crisp • Randy Glines 
Mike Buck • Wes Starr • Jon Hahn • Billy Maddox • Kevin Hall • B.E. “Frosty” Smith • Herb Belofsky
Rich Chilleri • Steve Kilmer  • Gene Brandon • Terry Bozzio • Chico Oropeza • Fred Tripp 
Gary PrimichEric Scortia • John Inmon • Nick Connolly • Kaz Kazanoff • Gerry “Phareaux” Felton
Richie Price • Eve Monsees • Ted RoddyCasper RawlsGary Clark Jr.
Paul Junior - Bass Guitar • Asmus Jensen - Drums



Mississippi Born, Texas Rooted
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the South Austin Music Store, Aaron Sacco painted a wall mural depicting more than 30 iconic Austin musicians on the side of the South Austin Music Building, located on South Lamar. Omar has been part of the Austin Blues scene for over three decades and has thrilled audiences all over the world.

"If the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie Ray Vaughan were literally double trouble, Omar and the Howlers' deep Delta blues were the triple threat out of Austin.  Dark, relentless beats more threatening than SRV's electric style.  Omar ... king of the jungle blues."

Margaret Moser
Austin Chronicle 9/2/11



Omar and Friends - Songwriters Across Texas

L to R: Nick Connolly, Omar Dykes, Rosie Flores, Redd Volkaert, Dale Watson, Amanda Cevallos, Wes Starr, Billy Horton, Bill Jones, Kathy Murray

Press shot from 1/15/13 taping of Songwriters across Texas!

Farewell to Friends
Three friends have left us, headed out on their next journey to Eternity ...
Peace be with them and may Perpetual Light shine upon their faces

View Legacy's Obituary for Efrain


View Legacy's Obituary for Gene



Omar and Son Jake

Too Much Is Not Enough



OCT 20, 2012



Howlers business card in Austin - late 70s

Early Howlers

(left to right)

Omar Dykes aka Phil I Pino

Hugh Garraway aka Bosco Evans

Danny Dozier aka Pee Wee Varnell

Crow Field aka Torpedo Ramone

Jimmy Barnett aka Billy Ralph Winghead

Tommy Conner aka Uncle Tee Tot



1976 Howlers in Hattiesburg, MS - before their moving to Austin


I want to thank ...

all the talented Howlers, past and present ...

all the songwriters, studio musicians ...
DJs and Management ...
and especially
all my loyal fans all over the world ...
Thank You to all my friends,
- Omar